Can you please style my hair?

My daughter is doing her cosmetology courses through the college. Right now, because of distancing, they are over zoom with mannequin heads. She does beautiful work.

Because of the amount of space she needs, she works in the garage. Molly usually keeps her company, sharing the chair. Molly blends in with the chair, so she’s not usually noticed when she’s napping during zoom meetings. Today, though, Doris was her companion. Her instructor commented on how beautiful the dog is. My daughter told the instructor that the dog’s name is Doris.

The instructor tells my daughter that his elderly neighbor is named Doris, also. He tells about an interaction with the neighbor. Doris the neighbor is deaf, so the neighbors communicate by American sign language. Because they are socially distancing, they sit on their back patios and chat. Doris asked if the instructor was back working yet. No. Not in the salon, no.

Doris said she was disappointed, and wanted him to style her hair. He said he’d be able to do it soon. She thought that was great, so she pulled off her wig and threw it onto his porch. He styled it and brought it back later that day.

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