Managing the Small Group

As I may have mentioned before, two of my classes require small group participation. One group is set up so that we all have a discussion online. Easy enough. The other group is set up so that four of us have to have discussions away from class. Not as easy.

I decided that I would be annoyed that no one took charge, so, me being me, I stepped up. The first message was “What’s the best way to reach all of you and what do your schedules look like?” I got one response. A week later. Oh boy.

I gave up and contacted the instructor, asking for tips. She sent a message to the entire class, and still the other two didn’t respond. I sent another message telling the group my availability, contact info, and the availability of the other respondent. I asked for suggestions for our topic. I got a response! So, three of us were in contact. Number four showed up three days later, but we’ve all been in touch!

Next, I dropped my phone and it cracked. I can’t use it for anything other than dialing out from my car over Bluetooth. I had to email everyone. I suggested a block of time, over three days. The first person to email chose a time. So…. “great! why don’t you lead the zoom meeting and send us a link just before the meeting time?” He said he doesn’t know how, but he’ll figure it out. And we have a leader of the meeting!

I got another response: “sounds good to me.” I guess it’s better than no response. We will at least have a meeting with three people.

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