High Functioning Anxiety

I found this on www.blessingmanifesting.com. These are so me! The website/blog is worth checking out. There are some good tips there for dealing with anxiety and depression. The list below shows the signs of high functioning anxiety. It shows that what’s on the surface isn’t always what’s going on below.

I am not quiet about my anxiety, because I find that if others know what my problem is, they give me a break, a little. I have people who tell me that I don’t have anxiety because I don’t look like I am struggling. I am. Note how I write everything down and put everything on the calendar? That’s because my world will fall apart if I don’t.

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I do have friends who make fun of my time anxiety, though. One friend, knowing that my fear of flying is really a fear of missing the plane, doesn’t put up with my getting to the airport two hours before my flight. I will no longer share a ride with her when I fly. Thankfully, this isn’t often.

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