Group projects

I am not a fan of group projects for school. I especially dislike it when the instructor chooses the group for us.

I am taking three classes this semester, and one is small group communications. So far, the majority of the class is participating and I have no issues with it, other than the constant alerts on my phone, letting me know that someone is chatting in the class discussion area. This is what we are supposed to be doing, so I don’t really have any issue with that.

Yes. I tend to follow directions. Two of my classes have group projects. One class will assign groups later. One had its groups assigned on the first day. We were told to contact our groups on Thursday. I sent out my information on the group discussion page. It took until Monday for one person in my group to respond. I still haven’t heard from the other two.

I am interested in seeing who actually responds. My daughter who has a lot of group experience informed me that the rest of the group probably thinks I’m going to take charge and lead the group and possibly do all the work. We won’t know until the rest of the group responds.

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