Day two of classes

I still have no syllabus for my California history class. We did have a zoom meeting, so I at least know the instructor is aware that it’s not been published yet. Doesn’t help me with my scheduling, though.

I got the schedule for my communications class late in the day yesterday, so I don’t have that on the calendar yet. That’s a project for today. I do have a zoom meeting with that class next week, so I’ll get a better feel for that soon. We, as a class, have been busy with the group thread that is meant to be for us to get to know each other. It seems to be working.

I have been hearing a lot from my Film Appreciation instructor. It sounds like she’s ready for this semester. I was able to get the class schedule on the calendar and today is the first zoom meeting.

I think I’m ready for the semester, other than missing a whole class syllabus. I am sure that it will be published soon and I’ll get organized. It’s been an interesting start to the semester.

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