Wrong meeting

I had an errand to run today and I was delayed getting back. I had a zoom meeting scheduled for immediately after the errand, so I was stressing over getting logged in.

Thankfully, I had someone with me who offered to drive while I was on my meeting. I got into the passenger seat and attempted to log on. Nothing. I didn’t have the password, it seems. Try two. I had the password and logged in again. I was a few minutes late and the meeting leader hadn’t started the meeting yet. Strange.

I went back to the calendar and swore at the calendar because it wasn’t showing me the meeting that I was trying to attend. It was showing me a different meeting for a different class. Oops. I had my meetings mixed up.

Thankfully the meeting I was supposed to attend was just for me to listen, not to participate in, unless I had questions. I spent the whole meeting without my video on, muted. I did finish the meeting, but I didn’t have questions. My classmates decided to ask every question on every topic that the instructor emailed and then verbally explained. The instructor patiently answered while I was impatiently waiting for a question that hadn’t been answered two minutes before it was asked.

So much for day one of class.

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