But the homeless guy said it would be ok

I hate grocery shopping these days. I had trouble with Instacart delivering the wrong items, so I insist on doing it myself. I did not want to order green bananas and get plantains or order canned corn and get canned baby corn. Once was enough. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Because of this, I limit my trips to the store, but I am still out there at the grocery store with the rest of the crazy people. There’s always something unusual going on. There are people trying to squeeze past me into a three inch gap between me and the freezer. Spacial issues? Your butt is bigger than that, Lady. You won’t fit. Another time, there was a woman who decided that my almost full cart looked just like her almost empty cart and took off with it. Then she came back with it and showed me that the carts had almost identical items in it. Umm, no.

This week, the actual filling of the cart went smoothly. I got in line, and I was the second one in line. The lady in front of me had no cart. Just a personal shopping bag with all of her groceries in it. The checker was very calm and apologized to her. He calmly explained that the store does not allow personal bags right now, and she was welcome to take her groceries outside to fill her bag, or she could load it herself, or she could use a regular bag from the store, with no charge. This was UNACCEPTABLE! Oh, great. Just what I need. At least I wasn’t in a hurry.

The woman takes her mask off and starts yelling at the checker. The checker at the register next to them squeezed out silently and got security to come. The woman with no mask continued to yell her point that if she is given a bag, no one better charge her for it. Then she started yelling that she was given permission before she brought it in. She wanted the manager to know that the guy by the front door is telling people they can bring their bags in. “He must know what he’s talking about, since he lives here!” It comes out eventually that she asked the homeless guy who sits on the bench outside the store. He must be the ultimate authority, right? He sees everyone coming and going, so he knows.

I decided to change lines. I was in and out of there with three households’s groceries in the time that it took security to calm the lady down. She was still in there when I wandered off and loaded my car. I can’t wait for the next adventure. Yes, I can. Grocery shopping is no fun right now.

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