Books to Read in One Sitting

Books for one sitting

I have a few of these books on my TBR list. According to the article, I should be able to read a book in one sitting. They don’t seem to take into account the size of my bladder or other distractions. I guess I could give some of them a shot, though.

The Guest List Lucy Foley

Such a Fun Age Kiley Reid

Tiny Imperfections Alli Frank and Asha Youmans

Devolution Max Brooks

Luster Raven Leilani

Pizza Girl Jean Kyoung Frazier

If I Had Your Face Frances Cha

The Death of Vivek Oji Akwaeke Emezi

The Jane Austen Society Natalie Jenner

A Burning Megha Majumdar

Sea Wife Amity Gaige

Survivor Song Paul Tremblay

It Is Wood, It Is StoneGabriella Burnham

The Pull of the Stars

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