I tried to watch this in the theater, but the shelter in place order derailed that thought. I waited for it to come out online, but by then I got into a rhythm with school and work and I just didn’t find myself with time for movies, especially an animated kid movie.

I tried to rent it once and the DVD kept skipping, so I gave up. Then, I finally remembered that it’s on Disney Plus. We tried to watch Hamilton on the first day it aired on Disney Plus, but it didn’t premiere until the afternoon. We decided to watch this while we waited.

The movie was geared more toward older kids, such as teens. It was kind of a heavy story for animation. It had adventure and magic and a decent story line about a boy who was kind of a misfit who had lost his dad.

I enjoyed the movie, but I am glad that I didn’t go to see it in the theater. I wouldn’t show it to small children, but teens and older would enjoy it.

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