Do we need eggs? A.K.A. Schroedinger’s eggs

We have a shopping list app that most of the members of the household can add to from their own phone. This makes it both easier and more difficult for the shopper to get what we need. It’s harder because I find that the others who have access to the list change things while I’m at the store.

Also, I am shopping for three households most weeks, and eggs are limited by the grocery store. I can only get one carton of eggs per trip. If more than one household requests eggs, I have to decide who gets the carton.

Two grocery trips ago, I got eggs for one of the other households. When I got home, I mentioned that we didn’t get eggs this time and asked if we needed eggs. No real response.

Another household member took it upon herself to order from Whole Foods. Her order included eggs. When it arrived, one of my daughters complained that we have too many eggs. She said we had three full cartons of 18. The eggs ended up going to our neighbor who needed them.

I started thinking about how we might have ended up with three cartons of eggs. We looked. One box was empty. The other two were less than half full. 1)Who puts empty cartons back in the fridge? 2)Who starts a new carton before finishing the last? 3)Who doesn’t look in the carton before declaring that we don’t need them?

Answers, in order… 1) the empty carton was being saved for the cats to use as a scratching post. It was in the fridge so we knew where it was when we needed it. 2) the cook started a new carton because there weren’t enough eggs in the open carton for the recipe she was making. 3) the one who doesn’t like eggs didn’t want to look because it’s a Schroedinger’s egg thing. If she doesn’t look, she doesn’t know if it’s a live carton or a dead carton. Could be both. Could be either.

Moral of this one, is don’t ask the one who hates eggs if we need them.

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