All the TP

Many years ago, probably around the time my now adult kids were being potty trained, Amazon started monthly deliveries. It had become apparent that with three women in the household, we would be going through a lot of toilet paper. Monthly deliveries were great so that no one got stranded without paper.

When the shortage started a few months ago, Amazon canceled my monthly delivery. We needed to figure out a way to get tp to the house. We figured out that if we ordered a large amount, Amazon would still deliver, so we ended up with a box of 80 rolls. Amazon made an error and ended up delivering a second box of 80. 160 rolls. Wow. Thankfully, we have friends and family who couldn’t get it so we were selling it to them until we got to a reasonable amount. Those boxes were still huge.

After we finished with that semi crisis, I got an email from Amazon, telling me that they changed my monthly order to double the amount, 60, but every two months. Great! The first delivery would be six weeks later, at the end of June. Perfect.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. The first order arrived a week later. We again had rolls and rolls of stored toilet paper. A family member asked me to go to Costco to get her some toilet paper. I refused. She bought it from us again. Back to a reasonable amount of stored paper. Not 220 rolls that we would have had if the family and friends hadn’t needed it.

A friend gave me a gift card from Amazon to thank me for getting her groceries when I do the shopping for the house. I happened to look at the balance, and it was almost gone! What happened?

I investigated and found out that Amazon had charge an order onto the gift card and was planning on sending that original monthly order at the end of June. Oh, no way! Thankfully I caught it and canceled it before it shipped. Possibly 280 rolls. Really? We don’t need that many, even with multiple households using it.

Moral? Double and triple check orders from Amazon when you place them. Otherwise you might be drowning in tp if you’re not careful. That’s actually quite the visual there.

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