I have been working my way down the 28 books list. This week, I watched 13th. It was about racial inequality, especially in the prison system.

Many of the things that are broken with the prison system were discussed. Plea or be punished if you go to trial. Mandatory sentencing. Crack is a worse offense than powdered cocaine. There were more examples, but these were very memorable to me.

It’s worth a watch. It goes through a lot of history and why we are where we are regarding racial inequality and mass incarceration. It hit home for me that many of the issues that I learned about, such at the assassinations of MLK Jr and Malcolm X weren’t as long ago as I thought. They happened right before I was born and were still fresh in the minds of politicians when Reagan was running for president.

I did stay up long past the time I should have been asleep to finish the movie and then think about what I watched. I’ll be continuing on the list during the next few weeks.

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