How Much Are Your Turnips?

When the shelter in place orders came, Nintendo released Animal Crossing, New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Several of my friends and family members were playing. We found each other and visited each other’s islands.

I find the game to be rather relaxing. I have gotten a little worked up when a digital scorpion or tarantula comes after my character, but for the most part, it’s a calming game.

I have found myself having odd conversations. Things like “How much are your turnips?” and “Look at what I got – a geisha wig!” We’re learning to let the others who don’t play the game know that we are not crazy, we are just talking about the game.

When we add a friend to our little digital island, it’s easiest to have the other person on the phone, too. Then the non-game players at home think that everyone is nuts.

I’m glad the game came out when it did. It was a much needed break on several occasions.

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