Off the Wait List!

I got into the class I wanted/needed for the Summer 2020 session. It only took a little over a week to get there. There is a little under a week until class starts.

Because I am actually registered for the class, I decided to get prepared for class and start the reading. Well, it was a thought. The bookstore is closed to the public. You can only have books mailed to you or download the digital version. I decided to go for the digital version, thinking it would be faster. Nope.

I went in to register my books, and it says that I have no books available. Well, I purchased them and got a receipt. I emailed them and got no response yet. I gave up and phoned them. I was given instructions on how to do it, but it tells me I have no books. “Let me log in as you and I’ll show you.” So I gave my info. “Well, it’s not supposed to say that. I’ll have to have tech support look into it. It’s nothing you did wrong.” Well, that’s good news. I just hope they get it working soon so I can get ahead.

This is becoming more of an adventure than I thought.

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