What Are You Reading Wednesday, June 3

Audiobook: Horrorstor

Kindle book: The Wendy

Book Stack book: Red at the Bone

Library book: Becoming

Bookclub book: Horrorstor

Kindle Unlimited book: The Wendy

Audible book: Horrorstor

ARC book: The Cracked Slipper

3 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Wednesday, June 3

    1. Most are different genres, so the stories don’t blend together. So many of them have actually been put off to the side and picked up again weeks later. If you notice, some of them show up on the list week after week. I have always been a polygamous reader. It helped in school when I had to read for classes and for pleasure. I think it’s part of my short attention span, too.

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      1. I usually read 2 at a time and like you sometimes one lasts for weeks and weeks as I keep reading others over it 😂. It does help when they’re all different genres!

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