Waiting for the wait list

When I decided that I’d be going back to school, I started my research. I asked questions. I found out where I wanted to go. I found out how I want to get there. I also found out that I was missing one class to be eligible for transfer. Communications. The transfer counselors at two different schools told me it needed to be under my belt by the end of summer, or I’d have to wait until Fall 2021 to transfer.

I looked up which classes count to fulfill this requirement, and, for the Summer 2020 session, there are three classes that count: Public Speaking, Intercultural Communications, and Interpersonal Communications. I put myself on the wait list for all of these classes. I really would rather take one of the two classes that isn’t public speaking, but I will take what I can get.

I started out by adding myself to 5 online classes. Waitlisted on all of them at #10 of 10 on the list. I quickly moved to #4 on one of the Intercultural Communications classes, so I kind of have it in mind that I am most likely to get into that one. I got an email telling me that a public speaking class was open up, so I registered for that, and dropped off the waiting list for the other public speaking class. At least I’ll have a class to take to fulfill the requirement.

I have still be watching the list, because I’d rather not speak publicly. I dropped to #2 on the Intercultural Communications class, and I got an email from the instructor of the other Intercultural Communications class, asking me to start looking into the syllabus, and to look for the text book. I can’t find it anywhere. Not in the school bookstore. Not on Amazon. I emailed that instructor to ask for the IBSN on the book. I moved to #7 on the wait list for that class. I assume people dropped after looking at the syllabus.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get the class I want. If it ends up being the Interpersonal Communications class, my daughter already owns the textbook, so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. Right now, though, I am just waiting to see what happens.

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