Neatening up the book stack

In my post Productive Long Weekend, I mentioned redoing my book stack. Here’s the mostly done stack and its contents.

In the upper right, you’ll see my headphones. These are perfect for Zoom meetings and for reminding my family that I am reading or writing.

Directly under them, is a boxed set of books resting on the air purifier. The surge suppressor/hub is in front of the purifier, powering the things like my Nintendo Switch (lower left), reading light (left of headphones), and my chargers (phone, kindle, fitbit, etc).

My tablet is right behind the reading light, holding the TV remotes and mp3 players. Right on top of the tablet is an empty hydroflask that’s waiting for its tops to be washed. Under the tablet are two books and small shelves that hold my kindle, my night guard, ear plugs, my nightly medicine, and my dress watch. My reading light is here, too.

Next to the hydroflask is a tinkerbell pouch for bookmarks and other things I might need. There’s a light purple bag next to it with similar items, plus cords for things I don’t charge much right now, like my swimming music. The boxes to the left of that hold more bookmarks and pens and pencils. The bag (New York Public Library) in front of the vertical books has special bookmarks and trinkets that I got from the library in New York City. The back of the bag is shown in the other photo here.

The books that have their titles turned away are books that I haven’t started yet, but want to soon. The books that are stacked vertically are works in progress or reference books.

While my little book stack could be neater, it’s certainly more accessible than before. I am happy with it.

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