Productive long weekend

On Friday of the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to plan out the movement of my book stack. The previous weekend, I looked at my air purifier and realized that the filter needed changing. Because of its location, I needed to move books to get at it. I also needed to unbury a few books for bookclub and just because I wanted to read them. I figured that I’d deal with two birds with one stone (no avian killing for me).

Saturday morning, I had a plan. I moved the books out of the way of the purifier and figured out how to change the filter. I started to figure out what I wanted within reach and how to get things where I wanted them. I wanted to be able to get to the books I needed in the next few weeks. I saw other projects that I had been meaning to get to. I started writing my todo list.

I ended up taking stuff out of the closet and returning things that were not mine to their owners. I threw some things away that I hadn’t used in ages, and gave away useful things that were there but I wasn’t using. I cleared a bunch of art supplies out and put them in a box to go with my easel. I made space.

I realized that I could move my book stack. I put the books I don’t plan on reading soon at the bottom of the stack. I should say stacks. There were 7 stacks by the time I was done. I realized that I could put some small drawers in the rest of the open space, so I ordered them online, planning to finish up the project the following weekend.

I put the books that I’m currently reading or that I want to read next in the area where I used to have the entire book stack. It’s much neater and I can reach what I need quickly.

The set of drawers arrived earlier than I expected, so I was actually able to complete most of the project in a weekend. I still have to fill drawers and straighten the final quarter of the room, but I think I’ll wait a week or two to do it. I want to make sure the new setup is working for me. So far so good!

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