How long have I been taking classes at the Community College? (or How I Conquered Technology This Time)

I started taking classes in the Community College system a little over two years ago. These are classes that didn’t really count for anything because I already had an Associates degree from 25 years ago. I figured it would be for personal enrichment and it would catch me up a little.

I was doing ok with just logging in to the school email occasionally to get the information about my classes. When the classes went online, I found that I needed a little more. I signed up for Canvas so that I could see my assignments.

When I applied for financial aid for my transfer schools, I needed to check more often. I also found out that I am missing one class to transfer. I have to take it over the summer or wait longer to start. I am on the wait list for that class, so I need to watch for the email.

I had to figure out how to get my school emails on my phone. I did it! It took less than five minutes. Take that, technology! I won this round. Now I just need someone to show me how to work power point.

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