The dentist is open!

I lost my night guard several weeks ago. I called the dentist’s office. While my issue was urgent, it wasn’t considered an emergency, so I had to schedule for whenever they open. I scheduled it for next week.

Last week, I got a call to move it to today. I had directions to follow, such as don’t come early, don’t forget your mask, be prepared to gargle with a mouth rinse. Doable.

I arrived two minutes before my appointment time. The dentist saw me and told the staff to get me in. No one is allowed to be waiting in the waiting room. I answered all the questions and got my temperature taken. I was told I was perfect. I was asked to sit in the dental chair and my temperature was taken again. I asked if it had changed in the four feet I walked between the hall and the chair. No. It had not.

The dentist came in and talked to me for a while. She hadn’t made a guard like mine before. Mine was designed in 1991, and was replaced in 2003. They don’t make them that way anymore. I was told that in 2003, also. The dentist and I went back and forth about how to make it similar to the one I had. I finally found a photo of one and texted it to her. I am wondering what it will be like.

The technician came in to make the mold. I warned him that I have a high roof of my mouth and a strong gag reflex. He responded that no one told him and it’s just what he needed on his first day back. I told him that I was telling him and that I figured he’d appreciate a warning. He agreed.

I made it out of there with no major mishaps. I even got an appointment to pick up the night guard and an appointment for my daughter for a cleaning. Bonus!

Thanks for being patient while we reopen safely. I am glad that the dentists were finally included on the list.

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