Adventures while sheltering in place

Since I am only going out for work and for essential errands, I haven’t had my usual share of adventures. I still have had some.

At the grocery store, I am amazed by how many people try to squeeze between me and the freezer, where I’m looking, and only have about a 3 inch space. “I’m just trying to get to my cart, which is over there.” Well, you’d have better luck if you aimed for the other side of me, which has several feet between me and the aisle.

I am also amazed at how many people try to police me. I was standing in the grocery store, looking at something, while I am wearing my gloves and mask. A woman comes up behind me and squeezes her cart between me and what I am looking at. I look up to see what’s going on. She is attached to her purse, which is attached to her cart. She’s trying to get close enough to the section next to me, to grab something. She reaches with the arm that’s attached to her purse and her cart and is having all kinds of trouble. I decide to ignore her. As she walks away, she looks at me and says “some people just don’t understand that we need to be six feet away from each other.” Well, I guess she didn’t understand.

As a healthcare worker, several stores allow me to cut in front of the line to get into the store. I have only used this once, and it was because I was just running into the pharmacy at the grocery store, and not doing shopping. I was just picking up a prescription for someone else. The manager glared at me, until he realized that I wasn’t getting groceries, and that I was showing him my badge for work.

If I am going grocery shopping, I don’t use my work badge because I am in line like everyone else. I have planned the outing and I am prepared to spend the time in the line and being frustrated by everyone else who is frustrated with everyone. No need to tick everyone else off more than they are already.

I went to make a deposit at the ATM. Unfortunately, the ATM is next door to the grocery store that had a line of at least 50 people plus carts in it. As I am walking past the line, to the ATM, I am being heckled! Really, people? You don’t know the whole story. Please don’t harass me, especially when I am not interfering with you at all.

I am happy that my local Starbucks has reopened. I mobile order and pick up. Now that they’ve been open a few days, people understand the new process. The first day, I went to go to the mobile ordering pickup area. There are little x’s all over the ground. Instead of making a line, they put marks on the ground, six feet from each other, so people mull around, instead of standing in a line. Interesting concept. Just difficult to understand at first.

I am sure I’ll find more, but with the limited time I am out, I can’t see as many.

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