Silent bookclub, six feet away

Silent bookclub six feet away

When I go to Silent Bookclub, the part I don’t necessarily enjoy is the discussion before and after. Mostly, my issue is with those who can’t keep to the topic, which is what we are reading. Usually, those people are the loudest, too.

Because of the shelter in place order, Silent Bookclub has gone to online meetings. The first half hour is the discussion part, so that’s still happening. The rest of the time is reading on your own. I can manage that, usually, on my own.

Because Zoom meetings seem to stress me out more than make me feel like I am being social, I think I am going to wait for the real one to start again. I miss it, but I don’t need to deal with people talking over people that Zoom seems to encourage. (See my previous post, Why Zoom Exhausts Us)

I’ll silent read on my own for now. When I find it less difficult to concentrate.

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