PBS Great American Read List

PBS list

I am still standing at 21 read. I hope to be able to finish most of this list within the year. How are you doing?

When I checked the list, it counted as 21, but when I went through and listed the ones I read, it only shows 20. Interesting.


To Kill a Mockingbird cover
Harry Potter (Series) cover
Charlotte's Web cover
Jane Eyre cover
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn cover
The Help cover
The Color Purple cover
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland cover
The Outsiders cover
The Da Vinci Code cover
The Handmaid's Tale cover
The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy cover
The Hunger Games (Series) cover
The Joy Luck Club cover
Memoirs of a Geisha cover
The Notebook cover
The Hunt for Red October cover
The Sun Also Rises cover
Ready Player One cover
Flowers in the Attic cover

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