Getting stuff done

I have been lucky enough to be able to get out of the house to go to work. My kids and I are doing online classes, so those have been keeping us busy. I have been working on data entry for a friend, also. So, between work, school, and usual household things, I have been been keeping pretty busy. I can’t figure out how I used to manage to get out of the house.

School has added Zoom meetings, plus my bookclubs have been meeting over Zoom. A few friends have been doing chat sessions online, also. Those have been going on my calendar, and they have been having me keep track of the days of the week a little better.

Because everyone is home, a lot of the projects that we’ve been putting off have been happening. We have had to make room for easels for painting for school. The garage seemed the most logical place for right now. The garage has been slowly emptying of things we don’t need, but this is filling up garbage, giveaway, and recycling. We’ve called several people to take their cans out a little early to give us the opportunity to drop our overflow into it. Thank you to everyone who has helped with that.

On the weekends, I have been doing the shopping. Early weekend mornings are the least crowded, and there’s been a greater chance of stuff being stocked. Hopefully, it will be the same this week, too.

After we put the groceries away, I shower and throw my pajamas back on. This is the time that I catch up on things that I have wanted to do for a while. Movie watching, playing on the Nintendo Switch, and reading happens here. Usually laundry, too. I haven’t actually been doing a lot of reading like before, but I have been trying. I am still finishing a lot of books, but not like before. I think April might only have 4 or 5 books completed. We’ll have to see. I am catching more of the reading bug lately.

I am also doing much better on sleep. I go to bed earlier than usual, to make sure I don’t get run down.

I am failing miserably at exercise. Other than work and a few errands, I am not getting out of the house much. I need to make a better effort at getting out there, and still remain safe.

Be safe everyone. Don’t get bored. Find ways to entertain yourself. Ask if you need help finding something to do. I always seem to be able to find something.

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