Mood Ring Toilet Seat

Toilet mood ring

The above linked article shows how to make a toilet seat that is a mood ring. I was thinking of so many things I could say about this project. Some are not appropriate. I suppose it could tell you if you have been perched on the seat too long and your butt fell asleep. The tingling in your butt might be a better indicator than the color of the toilet seat, honestly.

The temperature of the paint only goes up to 90 degrees, so it’s not like you could really use this as a thermometer. It might be fun to use. I wonder how the paint and sealant will stand up to cleaning.

I watched this whole video, thinking that these people have too much time on their hands, but a lot of us do these days. Me watching the whole video kind of proves it, too. These two seem to be having a lot of fun, anyway.