Closures and social distancing

Last week, I had a full schedule after work. On Monday, I had bookclub. We were on the fence about canceling it because of social distancing. Earlier that day, it had been recommended that events that had over 1000 people should be canceled or postponed. We had ten in a fairly large room with a bathroom and no one touches each other, so we decided we would be ok.

Tuesday I had art class at the community College. I went in suspecting that classes would be canceled after the meeting on Tuesday, so I brought a lot of the work home. I left the finished pieces there, though, because I wouldn’t have to work on them at home. I ordered an easel so I can continue my painting at home. The teacher is sending an assignment and we are to take photos and send them to her until school opens again.

Wednesday, I was supposed to go to dinner and a comedy club, but it was canceled by the venue.

Thursday, because class was canceled, I went out to dinner with my mom. After dinner I went to pick up my library holds on the way home. Thankfully I did that, because the libraries were closed the next day.

Friday and Saturday I was supposed to go see a couple of bands, but one venue canceled and the other band canceled. The book reading I was supposed to go to was canceled by the venue.

I went to help a friend at work yesterday. Data entry. I wiped everything down and washed my hands a lot. I heard that some of the nail places were closing, so I ran over to get a mani pedi quickly. My nail place uses masks and gloves regularly, so I figured I’d better get it done while I can.

Today, I had a bookclub scheduled. I was watching the RSVP list and saw it got down to three people. I messaged the hostess on Friday to ask if we were rescheduling. I hadn’t finished the book, and neither had she. We decided to postpone it. Gives me more time to read the book.

I did hear that grocery stores are closing in various areas, but I haven’t heard about any in my area yet. Fingers crossed.

While all these cancelations were annoying, I understand why they are happening. Be safe everyone!

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