Canceled Ballet

At least they sent two emails and phoned. At a reasonable hour, so I wasn’t woken up.

The ballet was canceled, so I decided to get out and do something productive at the library. I got here as the elevators were shut down due to feces and vomit, and the fifth floor was having its carpet cleaned because of feces. Great.

I went down to the exhibit room on the lower floor. I got to listen to security and engineering and housekeeping dealing with cleaning the elevator and the fifth floor hallway. I also learned that the bathroom down there was closed. No wonder there was a need to use the carpet upstairs as a restroom.

After the exhibit, I went upstairs to read and write a few blog posts and reviews. I settled in at a table with my books and my tablet. I managed to get about two minutes of quiet time.

I spent twenty minutes listening to the guy at the table next to me wipe down the table and chairs with a dry paper napkin. Over and over. I am not sure what he thought he was accomplishing with no cleanser. He finally settled down. I was tempted to sneeze in his general direction.

I actually got a lot accomplished, eventually. I managed to return eight library books so I didn’t lug them with me the rest of the day.

I caught the train back to where I was meeting a friend for happy hour. We had a nice time and I got some of my book read for next week’s bookclub.

My next concern is when to reschedule the ballet ticket. The upcoming few weeks are tight.

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