I was running early today, and I remembered seeing the above linked article about a fairly new place that served breakfast. I decided to see if I could locate it. Not only did I locate it, but there was parking right near the entrance. I took it as a sign.

I walked in and found the breakfast board ordering menu. I decided to start there. A gentleman customer greeted me and told me his name, and asked mine. I told him. He was concerned that I hadn’t supplied a last name, since he thought I was wonderful and he loved me. At that point, I was able to smell the alcohol on him. At least I knew what I was dealing with. The ladies at the counter were watching, and were ready to step in if there was trouble, but the gentleman was just talking. I never felt threatened at all.

I placed my order to go and waited. I was looking around and I think I may want to go there on a regular basis. The people behind the counter were friendly and chatted with me a bit. When I got my food, I started to leave and the gentleman wished me a good day. I went off to the car and I enjoyed my food immensely. It was wonderful! Definitely worth a trip back.

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