An evening out on a Wednesday

I had scheduled an evening out with some people. We were meeting for coffee.

I left home early, intending to stop at the library before the meeting and getting a walk in. I got to the library and found an interesting book right as I walked in the door. The point was to return books. Oh well.

I ended up finishing up the reviews for several children’s books I had checked out and returned them. I realized that I didn’t have my library card with me, since I didn’t carry my whole wallet with me. The librarian was kind enough to let me check the book out with my driver’s license and he told me that I had two holds waiting at a different branch of the library. Ok. Add to this week’s agenda.

I left the library and walked down the street, checking out the different shops along the way. I wandered into the bookstore, of course, and I picked up the schedule for the rest of the month. At first glance, nothing was interesting. I’ll look harder later.

I continued down the street and I was headed to Walgreens. On the way, a gentleman said hello to me. When I said hello back, he informed me that he loved me.

I continued toward Walgreens, with the idea that I’d buy sunblock. Nope. Left the wallet at home, remember?

I found that they hadn’t yet reopened the candy shop that closed last month and the toy store was closed. I didn’t know about the toy store. How sad. 22 years it had been there.

I started walking back to the meeting location and ran into the gentleman who said hello earlier. He had a friend with him and they decided to ask me to take a photo with them. I politely declined and kept walking. A man walking his bike came up behind me and laughed “they didn’t ask me for my picture.” We chatted a bit on the way to the location.

I got to the meeting place a little early, so I settled in with my tea and my kindle, with my usual book to let drop in people know we were the group.

Only the one person who usually shows up at the meetings was there. Everyone else backed out at the last minute, as usual. We chatted for a while then headed home.

I did manage to get my walk in, and was home early enough to do my next day preparations. It was a productive evening, I think.

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