Carnegie Hill by Jonathan Vatner

Carnegie Hill

Carnegie Hill by Jonathan Vatner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked this up because I didn’t have an audiobook hold available from the library, and this was available. 

I felt that the author tried to touch on many controversial topics – racism, homophobia, classism, suicide, etc – and did none of them well. There were too many characters to cover in such a short book. 

Also, the editor needed a little help with the hospital scene. The description of the oxygen mask and respirator made very little sense. Also, he was sent from the ICU to the ICU ? It didn’t make a lot of sense all around. A little bit of research would have made a world of comprehension. 

Did we really need the food descriptions to be so detailed.? Who cares what the characters had for breakfast? 

I wasn’t thrilled about the way the author wrote a lot of the female characters as jealous. Each time a man didn’t answer his phone, the female character assumed he was out cheating. Most women wouldn’t necessarily assume this. Dead on the street somewhere, sure. But ourt cheating? Not the first thought unless she had a guilty conscience herself, and not one of the female characters did, other than one who flirted a little with a doctor. 

I rated it with 3 stars because with a little more editing, and a longer story, it could have been good. It just missed good and hit ok. 

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