Adventure in the city

Earlier this week, I was supposed to go out to the Museum of Modern Art and to see the lights in Union Square with a friend. I got off work early, so I headed downtown to meet her. I got on the train, and found two carrots. Of course, my imagination started in. Santa’s sleigh broke down and he and the reindeer had to catch the train? Frosty and a friend tried to take a trip, but it was too warm and they melted? Who knows.

I met my friend and we started at the top floor of the museum. We only made it two floors when we were amazingly hungry. We stopped to find what was nearby. We found a Vietnemese place that made bowls and spring rolls and Pho. Yum. We ate and by the time we finished, we were exhausted. It was too early for the lights, and neither of us were up for the wait. We called it a night before 4pm. Neither one was insulted, since it had been a long week.

The rest of my adventure involved missing my stop because I was reading on the train. Then, shower, pjs and reading in bed. The perfect end to an adventure, if you ask me.