Christmas cookies

My friend makes hundreds of cookies each year to give as Christmas gifts.  My daughter and I are called in to help.   Along with my daughter’s usual tasks, she added gingerbread man decorating.  My daughter, the art major, decided to have fun with it.These are some of the gingerbread men that she decorated.  She used a toothpick and white and dark chocolate to make faces on them.Jam filled cookies.  More gingerbread menThe middle of the packaging process.So many boxes of cookies We were exhausted after two days of baking and packaging.After the second day of baking, we took ourselves out to lunch.They started us with the preparations.  Limes on the table.Garlic noodlesFinally the main part – crab, shrimp, and crawdads.   I would forgo the crawdads next time, but everything else was delicious, but messy.  Such a change from the cookies.   It was a good, packed weekend.  I did go home and sleep, though.