Happy hour before the art final

My daughter and I had to present our work from the semester at class on Thursday. We also had to get stuff for the potluck end of semester party. We decided to leave early and go to the grocery store before class. It was also a buy one get one free day at Starbucks.

We went to the store and picked up supplies for this potluck and for the potluck for my daughter’s other class, so she’d be prepared. We started to do a mobile order from Starbucks, then realized that the happy hour prices might not work if we ordered that way, so we went inside.

The line was long, but moving quickly. We ordered and waited. The barista chatted with us a bit.  I said that it was busy and loud.  He said it was because of happy hour.  I mentioned that I was going to do a mobile order, but I couldn’t get the price.  He said it was because happy hour isn’t happy hour unless we get to see his face.  Uh huh.

We got to class and prepared our presentations.  We grabbed a snack from the potluck table and sat down to watch our classmates present.  We had six minutes each to present.  I didn’t have enough to say about my paintings.  


These are the pieces I submitted for my final.

These are my daughter’s paintings.  The instructor is playing with the paintings, to see if they look better with the figures facing inside or out.

The rest of my daughter’s paintings.

These are a classmate’s paintings.  She gave me permission to post them here.

The semester is over.  We start up again in January.