Months ago, my friend invited me to see Summer at the theater with her cousins. She said we were going to have lunch first and texted me the name of the restaurant. We all promptly forgot the name. We spent days before trying to find the restaurant’s name. She got a reminder text the morning of, so we knew. Phew.

I parked my car near where I was going to end up, and caught the bus to the theater. I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t any public transportation characters this time. I did misread the directions and got off the bus early. I knew where I was going, but it was a longer walk than it should have been. The highlight of that walk was the couple smoking crack in front of the police station.

We had lunch at the restaurant next door to the theater. Two of the people with us don’t eat red meat. Only chicken and fish. The restaurant was out of chicken and they only had three other items on the menu. Not a good start.

We got to the theater and into our seats. The woman sitting next to me started talking to my friend about what my friend was holding, an umbrella. My friend ran off to the restroom after having me hold her purse. The lady next to me admired the purse and started telling me all about herself. It was her birthday and her name was Maxine and her son is fifty and etc etc. My friend came back from the restroom and I told her it was Maxine’s birthday. She wanted to know who Maxine was, so I introduced them. My friend informed me that I’m crazy. Like I didn’t know that before?

The show started. It was wonderful. I didn’t know much about Donna Summer’s life before the play. The music was wonderful. Maxine agreed.