White pants

Yesterday, when I came into work, I ran into someone from the engineering department. As we were exchanging “Good Morning” greetings, the painter walked in front of us. I asked the engineer “Hey, why is it that the painters always wear white pants? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, since you’ll see the paint more easily on white.” He said he didn’t know, but he’d ask around. Another guy from engineering came by, and we asked him, too. He didn’t know, either.

Today, I ran into their supervisor. I told him that no one got back to me with the answer to the question. He looked at me, kind of stunned, but then said, “Now it makes sense! We had a discussion about this yesterday, and most of the answers weren’t repeatable. I should have known that the question came from you, originally!” Yep. I’m known for a lot of things at work.

I still don’t have a solid answer. Theories include most paints are white or light, they are easier to bleach, artistic reasons. Someday, I may find out.

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