Best Sci Fi Books of 2019

Best sci fi

The above linked article talks about new sci fi books that came out this year. It mentions the below listed books. I have only heard of a few of them, but some will be on my TBR list soon.

“Automatic Eve” by Rokuro Inui

Maurice Carlos Ruffin’s “We Cast a Shadow,”

“What The Dead Man Said,”

by Emil Hjörvar Petersen, “Crimson Hills,”

“The Hanging Artist” by Jon Steinhagen

“Flowers of Mold and Other Stories” by Korean author Ha-Seong Nan.

“The Hanging Artist”

Shirley Jackson “Flowers of Mold”

Karen Lord’s “Unraveling.”

“The Outside”

“Million Mile Road Trip,”

“The Haunting of Tram Car 015”

“Famous Men Who Never Lived” by K Chess


“The Night Tiger” by Yangsze Choo

“This is How You Lose the Time War,” by Amal El-Mohtar

“Here Now and Then,”

“The Heavens” by Sandra Newman


“Gods of Jade and Shadow”

“Signal to Noise.” 

“The Violent Century,”

“A Man Lies Dreaming,”

“Central Station”

“Unholy Land.”

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