a Radiation Therapist…

This was beautifully written and sums up my line of work very well.



I am a Radiation Therapist.

My profession doesn’t define me, but it does say a lot about me.  It tells a story about who I am.

As a retired Radiation Therapist’s daughter, I saw through my dad who I wanted to be.  I saw him coming home late because a patient needed extra care.  I saw him go to the clinic on Saturdays to treat plasma or patients.  I saw him take call.  I saw him come home stricken with grief when an especially close patient passed away.  I saw him bring home gifts from patients for me and my brothers.  (Like the Winnie the Pooh blanket I got from one of his patients when I was very small, and the stuffed Christmas Tree with the music box in it, which was made for me by one of his patients because I had to miss my kindergarten Christmas program because…

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