Ballot delivery

I got my ballot ready to drop off at the polling place Tuesday. I went upstairs to collect my daughter’s ballots to drop them off. I made the mistake of saying “I am going to walk them down to the drop off box.” I had the dog’s attention, since I said “walk.”

I normally am not the one walking Molly. She’s a big girl, right around 55 pounds. My first task was to get her harness on her. One foot in, aim the other foot in, and the first foot came out. It was a process. I was going to win. I eventually did.

Getting the leash on was the next task. Easily done, first try!

We opened the gate to go outside. We started down the street. Oh no. Pedestrian. Molly is very friendly. To the point of knocking people over. Thankfully, she’s very good at “sit.” I told the man walking that she’s very friendly, but a little overly enthusiastic and excited. She did not jump on him, but he was ready for her. I kept her as close to me as I could.

We continued our walk to the corner, and she sat while we looked for traffic. We took a turn toward the polling place. Molly hadn’t been on that block before. She had to sniff every smell and pee on the middle of the sidewalk. Great. I forgot we have the one dog who doesn’t like to do her business on grass.

We finally made it to the block where the drop box was. A dog was barking at Molly. She decided he was a friend and wanted to play. She didn’t like that I told her we weren’t stopping. The other dog was telling her the same thing.

We got to the address to do the drop off. There were at least four people inside. Great. Molly wanted to visit them all. Thankfully, the man outside was a dog person and was not offended by Molly’s greeting.

Eventually I managed to get the ballots into the box and Molly didn’t play bull in a china shop in the polling place. She tried hard, but didn’t succeed.

We walked home, and when we were a half block from home, I realized I didn’t have my keys. I’d have to take Molly inside through the garage, past the cats. That is never pleasant.

I phoned my daughter to find out if she was able to open the door. She was waiting outside with Doris, who had an injured foot, so she wasn’t able to walk with us. Molly and Doris greeted each other like they hadn’t seen each other in months. Molly was worn out from her walk, so it was calmer than usual.

My daughter asked how the walk was. It was an upper body workout for me. Cardiac workout for Molly. Double win. We will try it again, soon.