Headed to New York City

Michelle and I headed from Pennsylvania to Trenton, New Jersey to catch the train to Penn station, New York. Three states in one day. Kind of foreign to this Californian. It was very doable.

We got our tickets and got breakfast and headed to the platform to board the train. We would arrive just before noon in New York City.

Round trip from Trenton to Penn station. Here we go!

Of course, I attempted to read, but I was too busy looking at scenery and being lulled to sleep by the train moro motion.

New Brunswick. I meant to look up what it was, but I haven’t yet.

Last stop! Penn station. Get out.

Pulling into Penn station was fascinating, but it was too dark to video it. There are tracks EVERYWHERE. 21 tracks to board trains. I can’t believe how many people go in and out of here daily.

I was amazed by the shops and other things to see in the station. It took us a while to figure out where we needed to exit to get pointed in the right direction. We are both from big cities so we weren’t thrown too much with the noise and crowds. Once we figured out which direction to head, we were good.

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