Philadelphia Museum of Art

Before we even got to the stairs of the museum, there were so many beautiful pieces to see.A lot of the pieces were similar to the pieces at Sutro Heights in San Francisco.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the board with the description of these pieces, but it looks like they are a tribute to the order of the Cincinnati.  I saw works inside about the order, but not a description of what it was about.  Research! This is about how the museum became the museum. I didn’t get to all the art around the museum, but I got to the big pieces in front.  The Rocky statue needed a visit, of course. I have been asked many times.  No.  We didn’t run up these.   We walked.  And took breaks.   But we made it.Almost to the entrance.

We went inside and found that a ticket to the museum was good for two days.  And for multiple museums.  I stared planning on going to the other museum before the ticket expired.

We found this on the way to the bathroom, when we first entered.   I thought it was a beautiful piece.This was a lot easier to see than the full sized one on top of city hall.  What beautiful detail on it.When we were at the public area of the Constitution center, we learned about food that was eaten in the early days of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   Pepper pots were one of the foods.  This piece struck me because of the depiction of the freed slave selling the pepper pot.Not every photo is a piece of art.  At least it wasn’t the inside of my pocket.

Unfortunately, this was the info for the photo below.   It was commissioned by the father of the baby for his wife.  The baby had died of smallpox.  

The painting originally hung on a wall with the curtain covering it, with a notification to be aware of upsetting parents who may have lost children.This piece was made near home, in a smaller town.   I found it interesting that it made its way to Philadelphia.You could hear the water running and dripping wherever you were in this room.This dog kennel was beautiful, but I kept thinking about how my dogs would manage to end up getting out somehow.On the way out of the museum.There were more photos that I wanted to get, but I was exhausted after the plane rides.   Michelle is supposed to send me some she took.   Maybe I’ll show her how to post them while I’m here.

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