Constitution Center Museum

I went into the museum and was immediately told to not take photos, so I didn’t until I was allowed.

The person at the front, selling tickets, told me about two live shows that were about to start, back to back.

The first one was just an actor talking about how the Constitution came to be.  It was interesting, but ran over. 

The second was a play about the timeline of abolishing slavery.  It put everything on a timeline and made it clear to me how long it actually took for the concept of equal rights to be closer to where it should be. 

The next group of photos are a reenactment of the room where it happened, to quote the play.  In reading the signs, I realized that not all of the people were actually in the room.  They signed it later, or not at all. 

I couldn’t get the docent to move, so I just took photos with her in them.The panoramic view of the room.  This was the special exhibit.  It was full of information about the civil war and beyond.  One of the timelines.Lincoln’s handsI hadn’t realized that they didn’t catch John Wilkes Booth immediately.  I just assumed that they had grabbed him off the stage and that was the end of it.
The other timeline.  Why did it take so long?  Over a hundred years to get it somewhat together.

This next group of photos was about Hamilton.Fact vs fictionThe dueling pistolsThis shows how close Hamilton and Burr really were.

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