Rodin Museum

Before you start reading this, please know that I fell in love with Rodin’s The Gates of Hell the first time I saw it at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia has a full sized version of it and I could get up close to it. There are a lot of photos of it here, and, because of the time of day, I couldn’t get a full photo without it being half in shadow. I will look closer when I can enlarge the photos, to remove duplicates.When I saw how Rodin signed his sculpture, it made me feel better about the way I sign my paintings in art class.You can’t show any work by Rodin without The Thinker.Beautiful pond in a beautiful garden.The first of many photos of The Gates of Hell.This was my ticket from yesterday’s visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was thrilled that the Rodin Museum was included and a second day, too. Yesterday was exhausting.Today’s ticketMy photo doesn’t show the broken nose as well as I would have liked.I loved that they encourage artists to sketch. There were several places set up like this.I had seen other pieces that Rodin did of Victor Hugo. I loved seeing the story behind them here. Hugo never posed. Rodin just spent a lot of time with him to get his likeness.

I had seen these pieces before. They are still interesting.

I hadn’t seen the final piece for this. It’s beautiful.

I recognized this as not Rodin, but I didn’t realize it was a Picasso. For some reason, I thought Picasso only did paintings. Learn something new every day.

I had heard of this piece, but it was more fascinating in person, I think.

This was a very powerful piece. It really spoke to me.

The Three Shades are also at the Legion of Honor. They are the top of The Gates of Hell. I could get up close here, too.

I had seen the miniature version of this at the Legion of Honor. It was nice to get up close.

Performance art or my sense of humor?

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