Last minute prep

Other than packing, I had things to take care of before my trip. In the days before the trip, I needed to get my mani pedi done, since I knew I couldn’t pull a whole extra week out of my manicure. I managed to get it done, and wasn’t paying attention, so my fingers and toes ended up almost exactly the same color and shade of purple.

On the day of the trip, I had to stop at a friend’s place to pick something up from her. I had to get gas and make a deposit. I needed to rearrange the things in my luggage so that I could get through security, onto the plane, and reach what I needed while I was on the plane.

I finally had it all together. I had two errands to do on the way to the airport. I grabbed the suitcases and started to load them into the car. I put one suitcase behind the car while I went to get the other case and close the door. I put the second suitcase down and it rolled down the driveway. I ended up chasing the suitcase down the driveway, yelling at it to wait for me. Off to a great start!

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