What do I need in the plane?

I am packing for a trip. The flight is a red eye. I won’t need a lot on the plane on the way over, since I hope to be asleep, but I want to be prepared in case I don’t sleep.

I have a carryon and a boarding bag to bring onto the plane with me. The carryon will go into the upper bin, and the boarding bag will go by my feet, so I can reach things I need. The stuff in the carryon is stuff that I have been taught to carry with me. A change of clothes and stuff to do in the airport. I have books in there, to keep the weight of my checked bag lower. I also have my sweatshirt, which I plan to wear, so that I don’t forget to bring it.

I packed a lot stuff into my boarding bag, but my carryon still has a lot of room in it. What will I only need at the airport and not on the plane itself?

I won’t need my charging hub on the plane. It takes a lot of room, but I want it in case I need to charge at the airport. I will need my pillow and my blanket and my wallet on the plane. I will be prepared with my kindle and my tablet and a small charger, just in case. I can wear my sweatshirt, if needed. The books that I originally put in the boarding bag will go into the carryon, so I don’t need my booklight on the plane.

When I get home, before I leave for the airport, I will do another sweep of the bags. I suspect that I don’t need a lot to sleep on the plane. Let’s hope that I actually do sleep, or the next day will be a long, sleepy one.

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