Peninsula Library System

The Peninsula Library System has 35 branches. San Mateo County, which is where the branches are, is bigger than San Francisco County, which only has 27 branches of its library.

I am going to make a goal of hitting all of the branches of both library systems. No time limit, though. I have already been to several of the branches, so I am not as overwhelmed as I could be.

The website is set up so it’s easy to look up library hours by location. I will start my tour soon.

Member Libraries

2 thoughts on “Peninsula Library System

  1. When we lived in Burlingame in the 50s my father took me often to the library in Burlingame. I remember it as being a beautiful building. I remember one such visit I was walking around looking at the library and looking out the windows and really enjoying myself. An older woman sitting at a table stopped me and told me to stop “running” around the library and sit down. I remember distinctly what I responded: “Number one, I am NOT running around, I am looking at the library and the books and I am looking out of the windows. My father is sitting over there, would you like to talk to him? I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to walk around the library”. The look on her face was priceless. She didn’t say a word and went back to reading her book. I almost repeated my question to her but thought better of it. To top it off, I was only in the third grade! I told my father on the way home in the car and he laughed and said that, yes, I’m allowed to walk around the library.

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