Missing a library book

I wrote this a while ago, but, unfortunately, it’s still common in my life.

I got the alert from the library that one of my library books is due soon. So, I started looking through the books and deciding what other books I should take back, since I’m going to be heading there anyhow. I realized that I was missing a book. It wasn’t close to due yet, so I was not concerned. I had time to find it. While I was looking, I found a book that I had forgotten that I had checked out, with the intention of going to a bookclub meeting about it. After I checked it out, I decided I just wasn’t interested in the book, so, it needed to go back,and I wasn’t going to that bookclub meeting. I didn’t even know it was missing, since I had no interest in it.

I found the book that’s due soon, and underneath it was a book that I read on kindle, so I didn’t need to keep it around.

I was supposed to return one book, but I found seven to go back. And picked up nine books that were on hold. I am not making progress on this, it seems.

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