We Will Rock You

For months, I had planned to go see We Will Rock You with a friend. She pretty much suspected what I was surprising her with, when I asked her to hold the date for me.

I had looked at prices when it first was advertised, and the prices were outrageous. Thankfully, I looked again, closer to the date of the show, and prices had dropped.

I took myself to lunch while waiting for my friend to get off work.

I did errands while waiting. I got gas, went to the pharmacy and I went to the ATM. She got off work early, so we were all set and on our way!

We went to dinner before the show, and I got a Fangtastic margarita. Very sweet, but delicious.
We didn’t get a playbill, so I had to take the photo from the online advertisements.

I waited until the end to see if I needed merchandise from the show. No. I didn’t like the show enough to wear anything advertising it.

The show was like one of the musical reviews that they put on at the amusement parks. I am so glad that I didn’t spend a lot of money on the tickets. It was an enjoyable night, but about a third of the people left at intermission.

My friend was texting me the baseball playoff scores for me to look at during intermission and after the show. Dodgers lost, so this Bay Area girl was very happy about that.

My friend and I played sing along music on the way home. That part of the evening was fun, at least.

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