Parkside Library Branch

PARKSIDE (415) 355-5770
1200 Taraval St. (at 22nd Ave.) 94116
M: 1-6; Tu: 10-9; W: 12-9; Th: 10-6; F: 1-6;
Sat: 10-6; Sun: 1-5

Other than the main library, of the 27 library branches, this is where I spend library time. There is usually short term parking in front, so I can run in, drop off my returns, and pick up my holds. I use the self checkout, so I don’t bother anyone. There’s a restroom here, so I usually get in there between the time I drop off and the time I pick up. Occasionally, someone is bathing in the bathroom, and that doesn’t bother me unless they get the whole floor wet.

There isn’t reading space here, since only the middle section is for adults, and it’s small. The large area to the left of the front door, is for children. It is always packed and adults can only go in if accompanied by a child. The area to the right is for teens only. You can go in to pick up your holds, or pass through to use the restroom, but you can only sit and read there if you are a teen.

Other library branches do better with allowing for readers. The main library and West Portal are very welcoming to readers, but I haven’t been to all of the other branches yet.

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