Last game in these seats

I had tickets to the Giants game yesterday.  It was against the Dodgers.  It was Bochy’s last game.  It was the last game of the season.  So it was packed.

Every year, my friend and I end up at at least one game together.  She’s a ticket taker at the ballpark, so I texted her to find out what gate she was working yesterday.  We had to do the obligatory selfie before she’d scan my ticket.

The former players were in the luxury boxes above our seats.  They were waving at the crowd a few times.

The whole section will be gone for next season, so I had to take photos from the seats.

My friend hadn’t been to a game before, so someone made a sign for him.

This was the giveaway for the event.  Bochy’s last game.  We left early because of the crowd and the heat.  It was unbearable.

After a long day in the sun, the family went to dinner.  A glass of wine was in order.

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