Midterm for art class

My daughter and I started off to art class early to go to Starbucks. She got something with dragon fruit. The photo doesn’t show how vivid the color is, but it was beautiful.

We spent time trying to figure out where dragon fruit grows and how. Cactus, indigenous to North and South America, but will grow in Asia and the Caribbean, and other tropical places.

This is the setup for the class’s work before we talked about it. You can see one of my paintings in the middle, hung correctly. It’s pink so it’s hard to miss.

Here’s a close-up of two of my other pieces, which are still being worked on. I am waiting for a delivery from the art supply store that was supposed to be to me on the 18th. I ordered it the end of August. It has the supplies I need to continue several projects. Frustrating.

This is my painting, hung upside down. The teacher liked it better that way. She said it was a very Denise piece of art.

This is one of my daughter’s works in progress. The assignment was to show architecture and wind. She’s still working on it.

I don’t know what grade we got, but we passed the midterm.

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